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    Default Week Long FT Hike

    Hey everyone! I was hoping to get back up to the AT this year and do a week out of the NOC but looks like I'm gonna have to stay closer to home this time. Can anybody suggest a good one week section of the Florida Trail? I'll be heading out in April sometime and it's already damn hot down here but I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with it. I need to get back out onto the trail!! I've done the Juniper Prairie Wilderness and parts of the Lake O loop but I've never been to the panhandle. Thanks!
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    The section I just finished was cool. Blountstown-crestview. Eglin/Nokuse/econfina creek. All areas had nice camp areas ie: benches and fire rings. Also the best water I've had on the trail so far. Lots of wildlife and creeks. Only a roadwalk from Blountstown-econfina creek trailhead, the rest is mostly trail.

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    I would have to agree with Stinger, but remember to check with Eglin about a recreational pass before you go through Eglin Air Force Base property!

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    The Ocala is a nice hike.

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    You just missed a good one the O2L. It was a blast, really good people. 6 or 7 AT Thru-hikers, A bunch of WhiteBlaze members. Lot of fun. Some of them are gonna be in the Panhandle end of this month, wish I could go but have other stuff going on. If you were looking to just hike and hang out and talk trail this would be a good one. You can do all or any. Total luxury. Check it out. If you want I can put you in touch with some really nice people that are going and would make you feel like family, like you had known each other for years. Here's the link. Scroll down to Panhandle Trace, check out the pics and if you'd like to know more let me know.
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