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    Default hashimoto's and G6PD enzyme deficiency

    any hikers with either hashimoto's or G6PD or both? i posted a thread several years ago, but i figured i'd post a new one since it is old. it's been several years since i started taking levo. my free's are in range, but i have hashimoto's and my endo says my Tg and TPO are sky high. i also have an iron enzyme deficiency. anyway, i didn't start getting bad heat intolerance until last year and i hope i don't have it when it starts to get warm out. i also didn't hike at all for over a year since i didn't feel good but since my free's have been in range, i've felt better. i'm guessing with the combination of the two, even before when i was doing a lot of hiking, there would be times where your energy level just completely drops and it would hit you at any time. i guess what i'm getting at is i've been feeling better for the most part, started getting back into shape and for the first time went hiking(not far) but did nine miles in three hours. i wasn't trying to aim for how far i could go as fast, that's just what i did. i know not to aim for distance/speed/time, i hike at my pace and where i get is where i get, but that's where my normal physical level was before i started getting thyroid problems. i averaged about twenty miles a day. i would like to do the entire PA section this year, but my ultimate goal is to do the entire AT within a few years. any thru-hikers with hashimoto's or G6PD?

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    i'm not pushing myself to do the PA section, i'm just taking it one step at a time. for people that don't know about an underactive thyroid and hashimoto's or G6PD, it's very hard to do physical activity when your levels aren't within range and that's where i was at. it was hard to do a lot of physical activity since i wasn't getting enough hormone. i looked at armour and other T3 complimented hormone, but since i was going hyper/hypo, i decided not to. anyway, after feeling better, i'm just doing what i can for now and taking it one step at a time until i'm satisfied i can get to where i want to be. i didn't want to make it sound like i'm going to pack my gear and hit the trail for several weeks. i hope to get some people with thyroid/G6PD experience. i'm sure you can all remember the days when you kicked the trail in the butt and felt like superman, and then your body crashed and it took a while to feel normal and now you don't have the metabolism you used to, yet you are still able to get out and hike. and i still say nine miles in three hours is a big improvement and it just makes you feel better too.

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