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    Default four pines hosel

    Thinking bout staying here, or at least a resupply drop. Anyone have any problems w this place?

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    Stayed there 4 times, great place.

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    This old thread will tell you what you need to know. What you choose to do with this info is up to the reader.


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    How unfortunate that people might judge Four Pines because of one unfortunate incident that took place almost a decade ago. This is an outstanding place and it is run by outstanding people.

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    The owner, Joe, is an awesome guy. He learned a lot from that incident and as a result it's a little stricter than it used to be. But it's an awesome place to stop, and the company can't be beat
    "The 20-28 age group is what's wrong with the Trail today. No care for the Trail or others, and they think they deserve things. Except you, because you packed out whiskey to share"

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    I stayed there this summer and wouldn't stay there again. The place is still a hostel for the drunk crowd. Joe might not be providing the booze anymore, but he is happy to drive you to the store to get it. There wasn't any trouble when I was there, but it wasn't really pleasant. Although you can't really complain too much since there is no fee, just a donation box. If you are looking to drink then yeah, it is a good place.

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    What an unpleasant comment. Yes, Joe permits adults to drink at his place. Some choose to do so. Many choose not to. It is not a big deal. Yes, Joe is happy to drive people anywhere they need or wish to go, including endless free shuttles to the market for food, to the Homeplace Restaurant, to the outfitter's in Daleville, free slackpacks, etc. I also notice the comment "You can't complain since there is no fee". No, it's by donation only, tho in truth, this is the typical comment made by someone who's only donation to a hiker establishment is unkind anonymous criticism later on.

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    Jack, you can be passive agressive, but I will straight up tell you that I didn't put any money in that box. The place is a dump. I mean it is a garage with some old furniture and broke down cots. The place wasn't clean either. I don't expect nice beds and spotless cleanliness from a hostel, but I do have standards.

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