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    Default need section for late May - SNP?

    Hi. Never been on the AT before. My 13 year old son and I have hiked some in other places though, just 1 or 2 nights at most so far. I want to do a long hike when he gets out of school in late May, like 20th -30th . Long like in 7-10 days or so, IF he can stand it (lol)

    Some things Ive seen here lead me to think Shenandoah National Park would be good. Plusses for Shenandoah seem to be (to me):

    1) access to real food every few days.
    2) access to re-supply and shower near trail
    3) Close to skyline drive to hitchike out generally if anything goes wrong (twisted ankle, etc)
    4) probably still ahead of most thru hikers there at that time ?
    5) weather should be perfect (to me), maybe 40-ish at night to 70s day
    6) things are beginning to bloom

    So, what I am thinking is we leave car at Front Royal, get shuttled down to Waynesboro end, and start hiking. If we need to bail we should be able to hang near a campground or "civilization" until a shuttle could come pick us up.

    Any recommendations for a shuttle that could do this at Front Royal and let us leave our car with them? Would like somewhere we could spend night before with them, get shuttled next morning. Also when thru (no matter how far that actually ends up being), would like to have them pick us up, and spend another night there before beginning LONG drive home.

    Or could go N to S, which would let us run into more thru hikers. Then would need shuttle on Waynesboro end.

    Which is best? Any other way to do SNP?


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    There will be lots of thru hikers during that time but they all do high miles. N to S is a good way to go, you'll still see hikers. It will be hot at times. Thunderstorms are possible. Everything is full bloom. Be vigilant on the deer tick issue. Many have gotten Lyme disease in Shenandoah.

    There was someone in Front Royal looking to help hikers. Might do a search. Can't think of who it is. Also check the Appalachian Trail Conservancy web page and shuttle link. I'd help but I'm hoping for a job and it would start by then. If it doesn't work out, then I could help.

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