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    Default Share your plant and animal observations on

    Have you ever wondered what types of trees make up the "Green Tunnel"? Have you ever seen a bright orange newt on the trail after a rain event? Have you seen a bull moose with its head stuck in a swamp and wondered what it was doing? Been surprised by a snake under foot and wondered if it was dangerous?

    Check out

    A Citizen Science Project has been created to help hikers identify and learn about the plants, animals and ecology they encounter along their journey on the trail.

    Take pictures, record descriptions, locations and surroundings. Share your observations on iNaturalist. It is an excellent venue to learn about the nature that encompasses us. It is also an opportunity to continue to foster a trail community and to talk about something other than gear or food or blisters.

    Day hikers, section hikers and thru hikers welcome. All seasons observations as well.

    Happy trails!

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    I'm going to look into this. Thank you.

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    Excellent, I hope you do.

    It is also a great website to help learn about plants and animals anywhere in the world, where ever your feet may take you. And if your observations are detailed enough, it could be shared with scientists who study biodiversity.

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    Marvelous site. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Hey Brownie thanks for posting.You sure have made alot of observations.I did not see a classification for minerals,did I miss it?or is it not that kind of site?And to white Blaze.

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    I agree Bill. It is a marvelous site, and very well developed. There are a lot of knowledgeable people behind it and involved with it. I have found getting feedback on my field observations from dozens of different iNat members has been extremely helpful for me in the learning process. Hope to see you on the AT project.

    Thanks Rocketsocks, good to be on Whiteblaze, finally. Funny thing, I took over 5000 pictures during my thru hike last year but have only uploaded ~60 observations to iNat so far. I am still working on keying out species, but unfortunately a lot of my pictures don't catch all the defining characteristics needed for a positive species id --- eg, leaf type, flower type, bark characteristics, acorn shape, etc.

    As for abiotic factors of an ecosystem, I read on iNat's google group page that users are welcome to add different geological, hydrological, or meteorological observations to the database but so far the site is geared more towards the biotic factors of an ecosystem --- eg. plants and animals. It was also mentioned that there were other sites better set up for minerals and geological observations, but I am not familiar with any myself. Hope to see you on iNat as well, someone has to catch up to me, on the project of course!


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    Cool marked.

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