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    Default EMS/Komperdell C3 Airshock Poles

    Well, I haven't used them yet---and I'd be interested to see if anyone has--but I just bought a set of poles yesterday that seem pretty sweet. I had been planning to buy some super leki malakus (already saved up the money) but then I was in EMS trying stuff out and of course tried the Leki Ultralite poles. They were extremely light, but also seemed very flimsy (they had a huge amount of flex in the pole when I would plant it) and that made me nervous (this flex was not due to the antishock feature). Ready to buy the heavy supers (22 oz.) because they seemed more durable, one of the employees asked if I had looked at the new EMS-Komperdell co-branded carbon fiber poles. We went back and looked at them, and wow. The poles weigh a combined 13 oz. and were just as "solid" feeling as the Leki, and the air shocks on them actually felt great. 3 section poles, carbide flex tips, nice wide wrist strap... they really seem like nice quality gear. I'll let you know whenever I test them out how they work. Anyone else seen these things yet?

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    I've been very happy with Komperdells, they are my favorite brand of poles yet. Not a big fan of the antishock myself, so i use the Komperdell Compact, and love them.


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