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    Default The day he met the best hiker, ever.

    This is a fictional tale of deja vu on the pct and on a website. It was a fine zero, and gathered around the circle of trail beaten, wind faced, so far survivers of the trail, a older sage began to speak his liquid courage tales, of how the biggest trailname hikers were all frauds. One by one, the names were flying faster than his sipping! It was weird, the whole crowd had no idea who this guy was, but everyone knew his trailname. One hiker was eager to hear every word this guy said, just to be sure he got all gospel from this unknown legend. That same hiker was shocked to read archives of some good trail talk, and wait a minute(the shocking part), the same gospel was being preached online, and yes, its the same guy! He dosent use his real monta online, but he shared a trailname with a real great, untill he insisted the name belonged to him. If his badmouthing was half as good as his hiking, it means everyone there that day got to meet the best, ever, thank the trail gods, The End.

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    After thinking it over, its not fair to leave you hanging on the eager hiker. The eager hiker was also full of beans, and bad ju ju of his own. Full of shortcomings, yet so blinded by the light of the darkside of others, he felt invincible and fast as sin. He was judged, and dealt with by the hands of karma, and enlightened with wisdom he never thought he would learn, only making him stronger. His now humbled yet salty story still continues....... This was not an attempt at the posts needed to sell my old gear. Appleseed out!

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    I dont mean to be rude, but a self bump will make me feel better. Oh, and I like to read my own thoughts, im a huge fan. Oh the humanity.

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    Whar's for dinner out there at Donner Summit?
    Let no one be deluded that a knowledge of the path can substitute for putting one foot in front of the other.
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    Well, humble pie of course, with a side of attention. Tomorrows menu includes castle peak stew and donner lake big mackinaw on crackers, would you like to attend? Maybe some rest area catfish surprise, Mmmmmm.

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    Im Back, I need RS and 77Man, keep it bumped! Good work! I give permission to WhiteBlaze to unseal what was sealed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey Appleseed View Post
    Im Back, I need RS and 77Man, keep it bumped! Good work! I give permission to WhiteBlaze to unseal what was sealed!
    Hey Mikey's back, what up dude, been a while...

    I'll bump this thread like an old car limpin down the shoulder on the rim....stick around dude!

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