lol my 13 year old self is taking the hike again - ill probably do the trail 5 more times before i die. so far ive been class of 99 - and 10 - start date may 3 springer .. im going to West Virginia to plant trees tomorrow for a week at least.. on a mountain - just finished up 2 tree planting jobs and one to go after this - the gods have sprinkled wealth upon me.. as well as a suntan and a strong body --------- so im gonna hit the trail hard from the start - sorry to post lame threads - i had a few days off and 2 many 12 oz curls - please see my post in the ride board section Im thankful for all the responses given to the "newbie"- I feel the people of this BB really care. remember no question is a stupid question - oh yeah will somebody pick me up the 17th or 18th in may at newfound gap (us441) gatlinburg ....and take me to trail days then bring me back ??? pretty please with sugar on top - it will be my 3rd time at trail days - the 2nd with RIFF-RAFF - the only thing that sucks about trail days this year is on saturday

(((((10-11:15am: at the Damascus United Methodist Church - Come hear Jennifer Pharr Davis (Odyssa) *who is the AT endurance record holder* talk about what she learned by traversing the entire AT in 46.5 days.

WAIT !!!!

The REASON???? - because i will be up all night friday at the bonfire and drum circle drinking - it would be beyond hard to wake up that early - ill have to stay awake all night to make it - dont worry jen ill try to be quiet even though ill still be drunk

actually no joke... for me... seeing her and hearing her is gonna be the highlight of my trail days. check her out


i thought about an unsupported 90 day attempt - but the hippie in me came out ,so its gonna be 5 months lol