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    Default Ticks--Record Number This Year?

    I took my dog Winston hiking this past weekend and he came back with 17 ticks. Is that a record? Are we having an unusually severe tick season?

    The Frontline supposedly kills off the ticks. I wouldn't know--the dog's fur is so thick we can't tell if a tick has attached itself to him.

    What are you using to keep ticks off your dog?
    What are you using to keep ticks off yourself?

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    Since this is in the humor section:

    Move to Arizona, take the dog with you.

    Shave the dog entirely. Would make ticks easier to find.

    Shave yourself, might NOT help with the ticks, but you are getting nasty anyway.

    Hike in a hazmat full body suit - Gorilla tape openings to your skin.

    You yourself wear several flea/tick collars (there is a thread suggesting this, wow, DON'T wear flea collars folks!!)

    If you have a basement, chemical bomb that repeatedly for weeks. Then you and your dog live there and never leave.

    You're welcome.

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    This may as well be the 'good' humor section, did you give Winston an ice cream for being a good boy?

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