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    Default help with pocket construction with zipper

    Hi, new to this forum, I was looking for a forum that's all about home made gear and the like. I make messenger bags, backpacks, bike bags, custom bags. All sorts of stuff, Although the stuff I make isn't exactly lightweight. So excuse me if I make anyone mad by posting this here, I just keep looking for a forum about home made gear to exchange tips and what not, and I can't find really anything, unless its specific to hiking or biking, etc. If you know of a better forum for me, please let me know, anyway.... on to the question

    I am making an ultra custom messenger bag and i nbrmally make extending pockets like this...(click on images to see bigger)


    but he has asked me to make the one of the left how i normally do, and the one on the right like this....

    Extender Organizer.jpg

    I have never made a pocket like this, and I rarely use zippers (I see them as a weakness, most of the time)ok, so! here's my idea.


    I was going to cut out a square of fabric with which to make the entire pocket on and then i will fold the edges over and then sew that onto the bag, i feel like I will have a lot of tight stitching to do, so It being seperate will make it easier to move aroung through the machine. i will then sew all the pockets onto the square and then cut out two long strips of cordura to attach the 2 different sides of the zipper to. then have a smaller square for the front. does this make sense? the bottom, i havent really envisioned yet, but im assuming i will have to make another piece of fabric for that area or just have the extra fabric come off the bottom of the front square.

    Does this make sense? anyone have any better ideas? any tips?

    And also! I bought 20 feet of waterproof (my bags are all waterproof) zipper and liek 10 zipper pulls. the zipper is of coil type, and I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to install the pulls onto the zipper.... the pocket will be dual pull.

    And just because posts with pictures are the best... heres some more...


    work in progress, water bottle pockets for 32 oz nalgene on both sides


    laptop pocket padded with closed cell foam, and loop field front and inside.


    some quick sketches of more features i will be making (i shuold really spend some time getting better at sketching)

    Thanks for your time!
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