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    Default Mt Sharon Campsite

    Stayed here Thursday 4/26 night. Really decent spot. Big rushing stream for water. No bear box but there are trees to hang your food. took a look at Belters on the way SOBO and am glad I kept moving a few more miles.

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    I stopped in to take a look around on May 7. No issues to report, other than an unauthorized fire ring in tent site #2. Either I'm really bad at following trails, or the viewpoint that's on the posted map hasn't actually had a view in many years.

    I took a video of the area:


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    Stayed here last saturday night (9/19) on a quick out and back hike. Campsites looked in good order, as there are plenty of flat spots to choose from for a tent. The privy could use a little update. Very quiet and an awesome spot to relax in. Just like Peter said (pnyberg), there is no view to be had. There was NO water from the stream. Had to walk downstream a little ways to find pooled up water. Sawyer squeeze and a carbon filter worked excellent.

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    Cool vid! Probably the most helpful type of update

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    There is currently no reliable water at the Sharon Mtn Campsite. The nearest water to the south is at the Easter Mtn (dirt) road crossing or Pine Swamp Shelter and at Belter's Bump CS to the north. If we get any significant rain, this situation may pass. We are currently down 5" from our normal rainfall totals.
    Jim Liptack
    CT-AMC Overseer of Trails

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