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    Default Right out of the can

    Many times I open a can of soup/beans etc. and heat it's contents with an alcohol stove(DIY hobo).

    Some of us do likewise....a few

    Some may be concerned about the BPA contained in the can lining when it's heated. So I submit this information for general knowlwdge:

    BPA in food can linings


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    Thanks...many different situations where this information might be useful.

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    " 80-100% of the total BPA present in the coating had migrated to foods directly after can processing "

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    That's all news to me. Fortunately I don't eat very much canned food. I wonder if sardines have the same lining?

    Also, if it's in a can, it doesn't need to be heated. .. .

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    looks like wild planet sardines use BPA free cans, good news, they are some of my favorites!

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    I don't care about all the BPA's what about the melting liner that is now in your soup.Saw a fella do this on the job one year,and it had all this gelatins goopy stuff hanging off his spoon,this was about 15 years maybe things have changed?

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