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    Default Atlanta to Fontana

    New to the AT, so I'm looking for some advice on shuttling to and from Atlanta and possibly Knoxville.

    Looking to section hike from Springer to Fontana Dam later this summer (July/August). I know there are a lot of resources out there, but if anyone has any info or other tips based on experience, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    I'd be flying into the ATL airport and would need a shuttle from there to Springer. Upon completion at Fontana I'd either do a shuttle back to Atlanta or I'm thinking Knoxville airport since its closer... anyone have any referrals/tips? I guess the real issue is the transit at the end from Fontana to either Atlanta or Knoxville.

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    Asheville is probably better than knoxville. Check with the hike inn at fontana.

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    Here is the shuttle provider list from the ATC: . I tried checking it they are having troubles right now... There are several shuttles available from Atlanta; I have used David Levy several times. He covers the trail from Atlanta to Fontana, and he's a great guy! The hiker hostel is also cool, especially if you need a place to stay when you arrive. HAVE FUN!

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    We used tha Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega, GA to get to springer. Great place, great food, nice people.
    We'll get "Thru" one day!

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