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    Default Shelter info from Duncannon to Swatara

    Hey all. Does anyone had recent info on the shelters Rausch Gap, Peters Mnt, Clarks Ferry, and Cove? Trying to get an idea what to expect, water, crowds in Mid-October.
    Also a general question after reading the Rausch Gap thread. Are hikers allowed to rest there, or at least tent it for a night? Depending on our route and which direction we go, that might be a stopping point. We are only doing that section, not "through-hiking"....so I'm confused about the 25mile thing.

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    "Through-hiking" in the PGC regulation http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/05...5/s135.42.html means starting the A.T. from one point and leaving it at another point. It is not the same as "thru-hiking".

    The 25 mile thing is specific to the Rausch Gap Shelter permit and not mentioned in the camping regulation. The Rausch Gap Shelter site is NOT a legal camping site per the regulation, you are theoretically not supposed to camp around the shelter but at least 500' from it (due to the spring being right there).

    Mid-October is outside the crowded times, there might be folks out on weekends and the occasional southbounder. Weather could be beautiful mid-70's or chill rain, last year's October snow was a wild aberration. The springs probably won't be flowing well but often rebound a bit from mid-late September which is usually the driest time (barring a tropical storm passage). Leaf color usually starts in late October, not much is turned Columbus Day in this part of PA.

    All the shelters have their own threads on here. Peters Mountain is by far the largest and most elaborate of the four.

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    Ive done from RTE 72 to Raush gap on a friday evening. Then Raush Gap to Peters MTN shelter Saturday and then out to the clarks ferry bridge on a sunday. We have also gone north on over night and day hikes as well. Ive stayed at Peters Mtn in a tent, and Raush Gap a few times either, and theoretically I didn't set up a tent there either. I've been through there many times for the day and have seen people theoretically NOT camping around that area. Weekends in October are hit and miss in terms of crowds. It depends on the weather. In that area, you would likely see more day hikers especially between raush gap and yellow springs.

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