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    Cool Noob AT on the trail

    im new to the AT trail but not new at rough neck camping nor servival,threw my reseach of the local areas i plan to hike in the next month or so i was looking for some good tips the do's an don'ts of the trail,My plan is with a few friends travel upward toward north of pa and just hike in a few days maybe three days just to get a feal of it i would be glad to hear knowledge of the are if any one has hiked that area loved to hear about it or any other story.Camping is something i have a passion for and never hiked much i play extreme sports such as paintball skateboard and any other main stream sport.is there any other web sites have great information on tips and tricks?i would also like to know gear people use , i just order ten space blankets, flint striker,knifes,snaires,water purification tablets,compass etc etc please join in let me know i just plan to hike in go off the trail camp and hike more and head back to get my feet wet.

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    my computer is going nuts right now so my story my just seem like im rambling on

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    i must of posted this in the wrong area

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    Default Noob AT on the trail

    Port Clinton! The climb out of there a beeyitch. Watch for rattle snakes. North Pa is rocky.

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    rattle snakes in pa??
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