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A trick I have used to extend the useful temperature range for a rain jacket is to take my arms out of the sleeves and stick them out of the open pit zips, giving you essentially a rain vest. Your exposed arms get wet and act like radiators to help keep your dry torso from overheating.
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I've been saying that same thing for years

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Very slick. Never thought of that.
Odd Man Out, since the time of your posting this I've been using your suggestion and just gotta say....it works great, and has become a go to alternative technique that I use quite often now. I prefer to use a poncho in warmer weather, but if the winds are gonna be blowing all day on an outing...my rain jacket comes into play, and if on said outing the winds die down....zooomp, the arms pop out and my humidity level goes way down...very comfortable...GREAT SUGGESTION!