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    I hike in shorts rain or shine, but in the evenings when I'm tired and the summer temps go into the 40s, I find zipping on the bottom of the convertibles is good for a little warmth. The extra weight is minimal.

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    So I am torn, I am going to be using a 40 rated Under Quilt but can decide on a 40 or a 50 Rated quilt. I will have my convertible pants with bottoms and or micro weight smart wool long johns. IPO's am I going to be pushing the limits with a 50 bag or would it suffice. I will also be wearing a long sleep micro weight long sleeve T, have a wind shirt and rain jacket for added warm if necessary. Their is apx. a 3.5 ounce difference between the 50 and 40 rated bags I have.
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    Hi, 10-K, and good luck with your hike. For what it's worth, I section-hiked the AT in Vermont a few years ago. I chose mid-August for the hike because I thought I had the best chance of having good weather. Boy, was I wrong. I got a first week of nothing but rain. Vermont became Vermud. In New England, weather is not very predictable, especially the past few years.

    somewhat predictable actually

    i traded some rain for bugs willingly

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    10-K - I'm hiking about 80 miles NB from Seth Warner shelter starting on 8/14, so maybe we'll pass each other at some point. Are you hiking with your dog?
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    I always hike in long pants in New England. If it's not the bugs, it's the brush. When I start out on the LT next week, I'll also have a light wieght pair of long johns and a long sleeve thermal top, cuz around here ya just never know what will happen next. Plus those will let me get away with a lighter, possably marginal on some nights sleeping bag.
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