Technique One Short Version:

This is for Firefox users. Start Firefox. Drag the Remember Password bookmarklet from to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Load a Whiteblaze page with a login form. Enter your name and password. Click the bookmarklet, then click Log In. After the first time, load the page, click the bookmarklet, then click Log In.

Technique Two Short Version:

Copy the login form from Whiteblaze Home page, and save it on your desktop as a local html file with your user name and password entered as the default values for those fields. Adjust relative paths as needed. Double click the desktop icon to display the login form, then click Log In.

Technique One Long Version:

One of my favorite features in Firefox is Saved Passwords. The user name and password for most web sites can be stored and the login form filled in automatically on following visits. This can, admittedly, be a security problem with some websites, especially if your bank username and password get stored in some public system, so there are techniques used by some security conscious websites to disable Saved Passwords. I can appreciate this as needed in some cases to protect uninformed users in their ignorance, or savvy users from their stupidity, but being naturally ornery, I expect to be able to override such nanny-ware. Unfortunately, the publishers of the vBulletin software used for this forum have pulled a fast one.

Note: This is not the doing of the good folks running this site. The software authors did this intentionally and don't allow vBulletin customers the option of controlling their own security policy.

There is a nice little piece of javascript you can get from that will block the attempt to prevent the saving of passwords. If you drag the bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar, enter your name and password in the web sites log in form, then click the bookmarklet before clicking Log In, Firefox will save your password for your next visit.

In most cases, you only have to use the bookmarklet once, when first saving the password. Unfortunately, the authors of vBulletin exploited a feature of the form submit process to frustrate us. Firefox actually resaves the user name and password every time you click Log In. This is done in case your password changes and you actually need to type in and save the new password.

Perhaps you've noticed the password field goes blank after you click Log In on WhiteBlaze? The authors have targeted Firefox and other Mozilla web browers by copying the password to a hidden field in the form, then nulling password field seen by the save feature.

You can defeat this by simply clicking the Remember Password bookmarklet once each time before you click Log In.

Technique Two - Long Version

I actually like this better, but beware. Your password will be stored unencrypted in a file on your computer. This shouldn't be a problem if no one else has access to your computer, or if you can store the file in an encrypted folder. You'll have to decide for yourself.

Go to the Whiteblaze Home page. Right click somewhere on the green border and select View Source. Find the login form. You can find it by searching for the "<!-- login form -->" comment. Select all the html code between that and the "<!-- / login form -->" comment. You need to include everything from the form through the /form tag. Copy and paste this section into Notepad.

Next, check the "action=" element in the form tag and the "src=" element in the script tag. If the URL's don't start with http://, paste in the missing bits so that they begin "". The source for the Home page already had absolute URL's, but the equivalent code from the Forum pages needed fixing. The form will not work if these URL's are incorrect.

Next, enter your user name and password as default entries for the input boxes on the form. Find the line that contains name="vb_login_username". Look a little further to the right for value="User Name" and replace User Name with your log in name. Keep the quotes.

Find name="vb_login_password" and insert value="xxxx", replacing xxxx with your password. You're done.

Save it as whiteblaze.htm. I keep mine on my Desktop for easy access. Double click to display the login form, then click Log In.

Have Fun! This all worked for me today, and didn't break anything. No guarantees, but I hope it works for you too.


P.S. I used the same techniques over at
P.P.S. Sgt Rock - This forum may not be the right place for this. Please move as you see fit. I'll post it to, but after a few days for debugging if needed.