Changes in Long Trail Campsite Fees for 2005

For all hikers who pay in cash at a southern pond fee site (Stratton Pond, Griffith Lake, or Little Rock Pond), they will receive a dated receipt that they can then use at either or both of the other fee sites for one free night within a limited timeframe (7 days) from the date of the receipt. No receipt, no free night, no exceptions.

In other words, if you pay $5, you can stay at all three GMC fee sites in southern Vermont within 7 days. The receipt is like money, except you can’t buy Ben & Jerry’s or Long Trail Ale with it.

This deal only works if you pay cash; it does not apply to folks who promise to pay later.

The receipts will contain real names, trail names, and addresses for hikers. Hikers who pay the fee and request the receipt and are not already GMC members will get one year’s free membership with GMC.

Folks can address comments to Dave Hardy, Director of Field Programs at the GMC, [email protected]