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    Default Looking to hear from some thru-hikers

    I'm looking for a thru hiker who I could call or email with as I plan my 2013 thru-hike. For the most part I have my hike planned as I'm an experienced hiker but I do have a few questions just to get a better idea of what hiking the trail will really be like. A few examples would be things like loneliness for those who hiked alone and also what you'd do differently. Thanks in Advance! PM me with contact info if you would like to answer my questions more specifically.

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    One of the best things you can do is to start reading some journals on There are some that are fascinating. Also on YouTube there are two daily videos from their individual hikes (not hiking together) this year: My absolute favorite is Loner2012AT as his show the scenery and he is just a really cool guy, who tells it like it is. Very straight shooter. The other video is Fatherman's. He seems very nice too, but his is all about traveling with a group. If you want to travel with a group, you might like his more. His videos usually show him talking about the day rather than showing the scenery like Loner does. One of his group is DK who is a young, bubbly cute hiker and her enthusiasm is great. I know 3 guys in love with her already. LOL

    Loner shows the bad as well as the good including his shoes that were all duct taped together. He pretty much hiked alone but at least I came away from the videos thinking that someone could hike 10 trails with him and always feel like he had your back.

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    Haha awesome, I love lover's positive attitude. DK won't have trouble finding plenty of men who love to hike too. The reason I want to ask a thru-hiker directly is cause I have specific questions about things like permits and other things that aren't well laid out online. It seems like every website has adifferent opinion on which parks require permits and such when most people say only two national forests require them.

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