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    Default How many stops?

    OK, quick question to this year's CT thru-hikers: how many stops did you make to resupply/leave the trail/take a day off?
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    We stopped in:

    Copper (Breck would be better, but we had unique reasons)- Resupply
    Leadville-hitched for a burger and kept hiking, didn't delay us at all
    Salida- Hitched, resupply and a night in the Hostel. I recomend this, the hostel was nice and there were several other trough hikers.
    Creede- Resupply and an illegal night bivying in town. We got lucky and found a ride to and from, it might be a bit long of a hike with out a ride and its hard to hitch.

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    Molas lake- Resupply. you can get the campground there to hold a mail box for you (you may want to call first).

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    I know you asked about "this year's" thruhikers but I'll offer my 2011 thruhiking experience. We did 8 resupply stops:

    1. Buffalo Creek
    2. Jefferson
    3. Breck
    4. Leadville
    5. Twin Lakes
    6. Salida (also did zero day)
    7. Creede
    8. Silverton (also did zero day)

    Were I hiking again, I'd skip the first one at Buffalo Creek. Otherwise I'd do the same.

    We stayed an extra day at Breck and Creede to slackpack Segments 7 and 21 respectively.

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    I had 15 "zeros" and 3 "neros' hiking from Sep 9- Oct 17. doing a 23 day CT flip-flop thru-hike(w/3 "neros"). LOL Started from Salida SOBO to Durango. Hitched back to Salida to go NOBO to Denver(Waterton Canyon) TH. The flip-flop worked well for me and the late start getting the San Juans done in the first half of the hike. I summited two 14 ers along the way.

    1. Buffalo Creek(hitched here not because I needed a resupply but because I wanted to check it out, unique old-time general store in continuous operation for over 120 yrs!)
    2. Jefferson(neat PO/small grocery store/cafe under one roof)
    3. Breck/Silverthorne(resupplied via City Market/Vitamin Cottage Healthfood store in Silverthorne
    4. Leadville(nice roomy affordable well run hostel, Safeway)
    5. Twin Lakes(mailed box, forget about doing a full 4-5 day resupply here although a new B and B/Inn w/ dining facilities was being built this Fall - scheduled to open in Spring 2013)
    6. Salida(another excellent old downtown Hostel within walking distance of nearly everything)
    7. Gunnison(yeah, I made the LONG hitch from North Pass, took 45 mins to get a ride there/about 1 hr 15 mins for a ride back to the pass, has everything within walking distance from the Wanderlust Hostel which is another well run, clean, and affordable, hostel. Did this stop because I wanted a lighter food wt to haul starting out and simply because I wanted to check out Gunny)
    8. Lake City(new hostel there called Raven's Rest, run by a previous AT and PCT thru-hiker)
    9. Silverton

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    I thru hiked in 2010 with following stops for resupplies and town stays.
    1). had some donations from hikers who just finishded their section hike (no tonw stay)
    2). Breckenridge (arrived in the afternoon, stayed whole day next day, left at the third day)
    3). Leadville (arrived in the afternoon, left next day)
    4). Salida (arrived in the afternoon, left next day)
    5). Creede (arrived at noon, left late next morning)
    6). Silverton (arrived in the mid morning, left next day)

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    Hey All,
    Planning on a CT thru hike next summer. Our tentative start dates are June10-17 depending on weather, snow pack, logistics, etc...

    Below is my blog I have started for that trail and will eventually transition to the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand next winter! As of now, I have a tentative gear list(not ultralight) and a tentative schedule with detailed info that is a guideline for our pacing. Enjoy!

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    1) Jefferson for breakfast and to buy some snacks then back to the trail
    2) Breckenridge for a zero and resupply
    3) Leadville for a nero and resupply
    4) Twin Lakes for a nero and a maildrop (no stove fuel or alcohol here when I passed through, wish I would have gotten some extra in Leadville)
    5) Buena Vista just for the hell of it, had lunch and sat at the park for a break then back to the trail
    6) Salida for a double zero and resupply
    7) Gunnison with Appel and a few other hikers for dinner then back to the trail
    8) Creede for a nero and resupply
    8) Silverton for a zero and resupply

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    On my last CT thru (of 6) I went from Durango to Denver:
    1 Silverton (day 4)
    2 Creede (day 8)
    3 Hwy 114 (resupplied by friends) (day 12)
    4 Hwy 50 - Salida (Day 15)
    5 Clear Creek (resupplied by friends) (day 19)
    6 Gold Hill - Breckenridge (day 24)
    7 Finished at Waterton (day 29)

    No zero days, but we took one shower when we ran into the CT trekking group and camped with them near Hwy 114. Most will probably want to add a few days off. I believe the perfect CT hike time frame would be about 35 days, although I've personally never taken over 31. We lost about 1/2 day hitching in and out of Creede, then got right back on the trail. We had planned on skipping the Salida stop but our water filter cratered so we had to go get a new one one. (when it starts getting easier to pump, not harder - look out) That took about 1/2 day as well. Seven days of food always feels pretty heavy to me, but 5 is not bad. We also put up 300 trail markers and recorded a gps track so we had a little bit of extra weight. The times we were re-supplied by friends they brought more markers.

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    These were my resupply stops last year:

    1. Breck (zero day)
    2. Twin Lakes (maildrop)
    3. Salida (zero day)
    4. Creede
    5. Silverton

    If I were to do it again I would probably go to Leadville instead of (or in addition to) Twin Lakes. The hostel there is pretty awesome. Also might go to Lake City instead of Creede just for something different.

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