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    Default Atlanta Amtrak marta station to Springer mt/ Amicalola Falls

    Would appreciate some input on the subject!
    I will likley be taking the Amtrak into Atlanta to start my hike but im not sure on what route to take?
    Should I take the Amtrak all the into the city? or are there other stations i can get off at that will put me closer to Springer Mt./ Amicalola Falls?
    What is the going rate for a shuttle from Atlanta to Springer?
    any info will help. Thanks!

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    If you are taking Amtrak do not go all the way to Atlanta, get off at Gainesville, GA which is about 50 miles N of Atlanta. Best deal is to make a reservation with the Hiker Hostel; for less than $100 they'll pick you up, take to their hostel in Dahlonega, spend the nite, make you breakfast, and the next day take you to AFSP or Springer. Can't tell you what just a shuttle from there will run.

    Those that fly into Atlanta will take the Marta subway to the northernmost stop in Atlanta where the Hiker Hostel will pick you up. Same deal same price.

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    The best way to start your hike is to contact the AT hikers hostel ( and book the AT thruhikers special. For $75 you get a ride from the North Springs MARTA station north of Atlanta (A REI is there too) and its just a hop from the Amtrak to go north. You get an overnight at the hostel to get your stuff together and some needed rest from your train journey. You get breakfast in the morning, as well 8 oz of white gas or alcohol fuel, and a shuttle to either Amicola Falls for hiking the approach trail by the waterfall to the AT OR to the parking area near the beginning of the AT on Springer Mountain. Not bad for $75.

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