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    I made an alcohol stove, with the two rows of holes around the upper and lower perimeters, using a "Snow's Minced Clams" can, which is a little larger than a standard tuna can and also seems sturdier, with a bit heavier metal. I use a votive candle shell for the DN, sometimes use two. Maybe this product isn't available everywhere in WB-land, but it certainly works well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dessertrat View Post
    Can you use a smaller cat food/tuna can or does that not have enough capacity? (Do you need the taller Vienna can, I guess is what I'm asking). Not that it's a big job to come up with one.
    The smaller cat food cans work fine.


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    I made one tonight, sort of a "quick and sloppy", the holes are rough and irregular, but it boiled room temp water in about four or five minutes in my MSR Ti pot, pretty much full of water. I am happy with that. I think I will take it on my next trip.

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    Arrow Goya modification...

    I have been experimenting with the Goya setup to use with a Heinie pot made from a Heineken beer can. The base of the can is a good fit into the top of the Goya can, as well as a 5 ounce cat food can. I got rid of the wire mesh screen and mounted 2 steel wires thru the inside of the Goya can to support the bottom of the Heinie can. The problem now is that the soda can stove insert keeps going out, probably due to poor air flow caused by the tight fit of Heinie can in the Goya can.

    I have to try out some different configurations of the air holes to see if this will solve the problem. I'll post again when I get this figured out, hopefully with some pictures. My pc is DOA, and my camera is not much better off.

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    Link it up atrail... it's really good!

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