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    Default New GuideBook? Will i need the maps?

    ok two questions :

    A. Will they be releasing a new version of the Guidebook and/or Databook anytime soon that includes the new alternate routes? I was about to pick up one so i could start narrowing down my path of travel but was not sure if i should wait or not!

    B. Do i need to carry maps for the CT? It appears to be pretty well laid out save for a few places. Do i need to invest in the maps?

    thanks in advance

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    The CT may be a well marked trail but I'd definitely get the maps. Better still get the guides package, I believe it's pretty up-to-date.

    Ooops, says out of stock. Give the CTF a call....

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    The new data book is in the works for the upcoming season, but last I heard it was a bit iffy as to whether it would be out in time. The guidebook won't be revised for another year or two, but the current one is up to date except for the new Collegiate West route. A new mapbook is going to be published this winter that will include everything and it will be available in time for 2013 hikers.

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    I hate to steal the thread... but is a revision of the mapbook an annual ritual?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RodentWhisperer View Post
    I hate to steal the thread... but is a revision of the mapbook an annual ritual?
    When something changes we try to publish a new version for the following year. The current version was published in 2011 and was used for two years. There is a lot of work going on in the Collegiates this summer, so I expect there will be yet another version in 2014.

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    Eric the Black's CT Atlas includes data book and maps of the entire trail. It does not include any alternate routes though. It was the only resource that I used to hike a 232 mile section last summer.

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    Wooza....$12 shipping to me, plus tax...that's like a $60 map.

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