The L3 Illumination L10 with Nichia 219 LED.

Incredibly small
1.275 ounces with an Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA
0.09 lumen firefly mode, 120 lumen high mode
Nichia 219 high CRI LED

The Nichia 219 LED is a high CRI LED, and is considered the best LED available for a full light spectrum.

The 0.09 lumen firefly mode means I won't blind myself in my bivy. Even my coin lights are blinding in a bivy.

It has a twisty switch instead of a button, and I could see how that will be a turn off for some folks. I like that it might prevent it from accidentally turning on, and even if it turned on, it'd turn on onto the firefly mode.

The beam pattern is a soft spot with plenty of spill.

It has a hole machined for a lanyard, but doesn't come with a lanyard. This light can tail stand with a lanyard. It doesn't come with a clip either.

One person found that this light works with 3V lithium primaries and a 4.2V lithium ion battery. I have those batteries, but I'm not going to try it since I'd only use AA's on a long hike.

I'm hoping this light proves to be reliable. If it is, it'll be my primary long distance backpacking light. The only light I can see replacing it as my primary backpacking light is a Zebralight H600. The H600 is several times brighter while still having a good firefly mode, but is more than twice as heavy and costs 5x more while having the hassles of a lithium ion batteries.