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    Default My Final Gear List

    I'm interested in hearing what you guys think, but I'm fairly certain that this is what I'm going to be heading to Georgia with. I know it's not ultra light and I'm bringing some things that many of you may laugh at, but here it is.


    As of February 7th, this is my current gear list. It weighs 34.9 lbs total, with 27.5 lbs in my backpack (including food/water) and a “base weight (no food/water) of 17.5 lbs. This is down from over 50 lbs when I started in November. I also added up the cost of all this gear and it came up to $2,329. I already had some of this, but I expect I bought at least $1,700 in new gear.
    I’m doing a ‘no-cook’ hike, which means all the food I eat would not require cooking. So things like tortillas, peanut butter, trail mix, candy bars, dry cereal, protein powder, etc. This is why you don’t see a stove or pots/pans.

    Total Weight of 9.8 lbs or 156.8 oz; Total Cost of $916
    Sleeping Bag/Quilt – EnLIGHTened Equipment RevolutionX 20 (1.55 lbs or 24.8 oz)($230)
    Tent + footprint – REI Quarter Dome T1 (3.2 lbs or 51.5 oz)($240)
    Backpack – REI Flash 62 (3 lbs or 27.6 oz)($189)
    Ultra-Sil Medium Pack Cover (.23 lbs or 3.8 oz)($42)
    10L Stuff Sack (pillow) (.11 lbs or 1.8 oz)($5)
    Therm-a-rest NeoAir All Season Sleeping Pad Regular (1.19 lbs or 19 oz)($149)
    Cocoon RipStop Silk MummyLiner (.29 lbs or 4.7 oz)($60)
    Hefty Contractor Bag (for waterproofing)(.25lbs or 4 oz)($0.30)

    Water Treatment
    Total Weight of 0.44 lbs or 7 oz; Total Cost of $19
    Empty Gatorade Bottles (x2) (.26 lbs or 4 oz)($2)
    Aqua Mira Water Purifer drops (.19 lbs or 3 oz)($15)

    Daily Hiking Clothes
    Total Weight of 4.14 lbs or 66.2 oz; Total Cost of $240
    Keen Voyager Size 12 Boots (2.13 lbs or 34 oz)($110)
    REI Sahara Convertible Pants (.91 lbs or 14.5 oz)($66)
    Athletic t-shirt (.31 lbs or 5 oz)($15)
    Under Armour Compression Shorts (.22 lbs or 3.5 oz)($20)
    Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hike-Trek Micro Crew Socks (.17 lbs or 2.8 oz)($13)
    Brim Hat (.19 lbs or 3 oz)($15)
    Watch (.09 lbs or 1.5 oz)
    Bandana (.05 lbs or .8 oz)($1)

    Cold Clothes used in March/April
    Total Weight of 2.52 lbs or 40.3 oz; Total Cost of $284
    REI Rauk Fleece Jacket (1.22 lbs or 19.5 oz)($129)
    Under Armour Long Underwear (.41 lbs or 6.5 oz)($30)
    Marmot Down Vest (.67 lbs or 10.8 oz)($105)
    Beanie (0.13 lbs or 2 oz)($5)
    Glove Liners (.09 lbs or 1.5 oz)($15)

    Packed/Camp Clothes (always dry)
    Total Weight of 2.8 lbs or 44.3 oz; Total Cost of $155
    Ultra-Sil Drysack (.11 lbs or 1.8 oz)($24)
    Columbia Convertible Pants (.72 lbs or 11.5 oz)($65)
    Athletic t-shirt (.31 lbs or 5 oz)($15)
    Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hike-Trek Micro Crew Socks (2 pairs)(.17 lbs or 2.8 oz)($13)
    DriDucks Trail Pac Rain Suit (.65 lbs or 10.4 oz)($25)

    Total Weight of 0.39 lbs or 6.3 oz; Total Cost of $9
    Chapstick (.02 lbs or .3 oz)($1)
    Toothpaste, Brush, Floss (.09 lbs or 1.5 oz)($3)
    Toilet Paper (.25 roll) (.09 lbs or 1.5 oz)($0.50)
    Nail Clippers (.03 lbs or .5 oz)($1.50)
    Dr. Bronner Organic Bar Soap (.13 lbs or 2.5 oz)($2.50)

    Carried Items
    Total Weight of 0.84 lbs or 13.5 oz; Total Cost of $60
    Hiking Pole wrapped with 50′ Cord & duct tape (.78 lbs or 12.5 oz)($35)
    ID, Credit Cards, Cash (0.13 lbs or 1 oz)
    RoadID Fixx Dog Tags (.02 lbs or .3 oz)($25)
    Wedding Ring (.04 lbs or .7 oz)

    Total Weight of 1.36 lbs or 21.8 oz; Total Cost of $78
    Bic Lighter (.05 lbs or .8 oz)($1)
    First Aid Kit (.53 lbs or 8.5 oz)($4)
    Maps (.14 lbs or 2.3 oz)($5)
    Journal (.34 lbs or 5.5 oz)($2)
    Black Diamond Spot Headlamp (.19 lbs or 3 oz)($40)
    Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool (.11 lbs or 1.8oz)($26)

    Total Weight of 2.14 lbs or 34.3 oz; Total Cost of $525
    Goal Zero 10 Plus USB Battery Pack (.42 lbs or 6.8 oz)($50)
    iPhone 4s (.33 lbs or 5.3 oz)
    Headphones (.05 lbs or .8 oz)
    SPOT 2 GPS Personal Locating Beacon (.31 lbs or 4.0 oz)($200)
    Nook Simple Touch w/ Glow Light & Waterproof Case (.53 lbs or 8.5 oz)
    Charging System (.17 lbs or 2.8 oz)($20)
    Nikon Coolpix AW100 Camera (.38 lbs or 6.0 oz)($250)
    Quarter Light (.02 lbs or .3 oz)($5)

    Total Weight of 10.42 lbs or 166.8 oz; Total Cost of $63 + food
    Ursack Minor Kevlar Food Bag (.33 lbs or 5.3 oz)($50)
    LOKSAK OPSack Odor Proof Barrier Bags (x3)(.09 lbs or 1.5oz)($13)
    4 days food (8 lbs or 128 oz)
    32 oz water (2 lbs or 32 oz)

    Shipped/Bought Later

    Insect Repellent (.13 lbs or 2 oz)
    Bug Net (.05 lbs or .8 oz)

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    Love the way you organized your list - seems pretty respectable! One thing I didn't see, though - are you bringing any kind of camp shoe (flip flops, crocs, etc)?
    If a tree falls in the woods, be there to hear it.

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    I'm thinking 'no' on the camp shoe. It's something I'm still considering though.

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    Not cooking? Or did I miss something?
    "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how." ---Dr. Seuss

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    says no cook in the intro.
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    Excellent List-you might want to reconsider on the no-cook. A hot meal after a cold day of hiking is a God Send-IMHO-HYOH

    My Cook Set:

    Soto Stove + Windscreen 3.30
    Stuff Sack (Stove)- 0.80
    Fuel (4 oz)- 7.00
    Oil Camp XLS Cook Pot- 7.90
    Pot Cozy 0.00
    Spoon- (2) 1.50
    Stuff Sack (Food)- 1.60
    Bear Rope- 2.50
    Towel- 0.50
    Pot Stabilizer 1.00
    Total: 26.10

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    I do have an alcohol stove in my bounce box (which will be 2 weeks away initially, probably 4 weeks away after). Just in case.

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    Default My Final Gear List

    You can get away with out the Nook, the Nikon and the Spot by using your 4s for all of those functions. You can read books on the phone, it takes great photos you can email out and you can call people to let them know where you are in stead of the spot. Less things to charge and maintain or loose. Also there is an app for a flashlight so you can have a back up. Just my two cents. (Worth about a penny). HYOH. Have a blast!

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    Personally, I would consolidate the electronics, per tf bear's suggestion, drop one pair of convertible pants, if it's in the budget get a lighter shelter, and depending upon your timing add a pair of cuben or eVent overmitts. That said, I think you have a very reasonable list.

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    Bro think a little more about the NO COOK idea, A human body needs a hot meal every once in a while. But i think i would forget the MAPS and get an AT Companion it's got alot more usefull information than the maps. Good luck and happy hiking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOG View Post
    Bro think a little more about the NO COOK idea, A human body needs a hot meal every once in a while. But i think i would forget the MAPS and get an AT Companion it's got alot more usefull information than the maps. Good luck and happy hiking.
    I say "maps" but I mean "The AT Guide" by David "AWOL" Miller.

    Regarding hot meals; I'm HOPING that trail towns will provide my hot meal quota while I'm out there.

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