Calling all Current (and romantic) Thru-Hikers:

I am the wife/partner of thru-hiker Zag. You can call me AWE (Zag's Appalachian Wife name dubbed to me). Our 9 year anniversary is tomorrow, March 20th, 2013. She and her hiking partner, Owl, are at the Nantahala Outfitters today, March 19. If _anyone_ happens upon this post who knows Zag or meets her over the course of the next two days, please tell her "Happy Anniversary From AWE!"

I tried to think of practical gifts to send, but they were not at all romantic, and she already has all she needs. I tried to think of romantic gifts to send that wouldn't slow her down, and they just weren't practical! If even one hiker stumbles upon this request and is able to make it happen, it would make her day and mine!! It would truly be a bit of trail magic! If more than one person is able to deliver, it would be incredible!!!!

You guys are all so awesome to go on this journey! I love the AT community and I would be thrilled if you could make me a part of it from home by doing this for me. I realize it is a long shot, but fingers crossed! Good luck to all of you!