I didn't see a thread on Whiteblaze and wanted to put the good word out.

This past week we stayed at Ruby's Rest in Damascus. It was the only other place that took dogs and the Hiker Inn was full though they were responsible for helping us find Ruby's Rest. We were super pleased. You can find information and details here: http://www.rubysrest.com/directions.php

In short it was the perfect size for our family with one double bed and two full bunk beds. There was a microwave and minifridge, coffee maker, mugs, private bathroom and shower, tv, games and laundry (in the main house). Their yard is fenced and quite large if you have a dog that needs to stretch its legs a bit (ours hikes with us so all she wanted to do was lay down). They were super hiker-friendly, helped us find a shuttle, very flexible - everything we were looking for in a very affordable package with rates starting at $40 per night for the whole cottage.

Ruby's Rest was not in AWOL's guide but would be a welcome addition for hikers with dogs. To get there: as you come into town SOBO onto 91E continue down the road straight past the Dairy King. Take the first right onto 2nd street and go up about 3 houses or so. They have a sign in the front yard on the left. If you come into town SOBO come up Laurel Ave to the intersection with 91E. The Dairy King is on the left corner. Turn left here and take the first right onto 2nd street.