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    Default Sectioning the IAT

    I beginning to section the IAT this summer and looking for anyone that has done it, as any tips, lives in the area and can help with shuttles or supply advice, or really any other advice people may have. I live in the Chicago area so the IAT gives me a good chance to hit the trail more often than if I am driving to the NCT or AT all the time. I frequently backpack with my kids so I am thinking of knocking out the completed segments (especially within the state parks) with them and then dealing with the more mundane street walking segments on my own (hopefully at a faster pace ). Seems like longer backpacking trips may not be in the cards for this trail since the sleeping options aren't all that great trail wide. But that works out okay for me. I am more concerned with shuttles for the remote areas. I contacted the IAT alliance already for their help. Anyone know if the Atlas and/or companion are must buys or just good to have? Looks like the Atlas is a must at least. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Make sure you check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/214797715197465/ for a group of other sectioners.

    And the atlas contains a lot of useful information, so yes I would get it.

    Backpacking is possible in northern segments, in the Kettle Moraine SF units, and in certain other areas (right near where I live we have what they call a "dispersed camping area" which is just a patch of grass but you can camp there. Anyway, good luck and if you have specific questions feel free to post back.

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    Thanks for the advice. I've gotten about 100 miles under my belt so far (in between other backpacking trips that have been taking up valuable time!) so things have been going good. I have been on the 1000 miler wannabe facebook page and the trail alliance has been very helpful with the hiker to hiker notes and setting up shuttles. I was able to get the companion off the website so I've just been using that so far not the atlas, but we'll see how that goes once I get into the more remote areas. Kind of working my way south to north along both sides so I'm still in the southern more populated areas so far.

    But have to say the trail in areas is great. Lampham and Kettle Moraine South was a great 3 day backpacking trip we did. It has lots of ups and downs - no single elevation gain is all that great but you add them up and it becomes a little bit of a workout. But that was a great little trip that I thought had some really good trail miles in it. Some of the road miles get a little boring but it's also nice to be out of the wooded corridor out in the open at times too so it has its advantages. Of course I'm doing 20 miles of straight roads this weekend that will probably make me regret that statement.

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