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    Default Ride to Baxter State!

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I could go about getting a ride to Baxter State park. I'm riding the train into Portland, Maine and staying with a friend but she's not sure if she can take me to Baxter the day I plan to set out. I'm hoping to get going May 25th. Any suggestions help =)

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    first of all, Baxter is 4.5- 5 hours from Portland. Id suggest looking at the bus that goes up to Medway/Bangor and then contacting the Applachian Trail Lodge in Millinocket about getting a ride from there

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    Standard warning, just becasue you will be ready to leave Baxter on May 25th, the mountain may still be closed to hikers meaning you get to skip the summit or hang around until the roads are open .

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    Keep my profile name. I may be able to help. I dont usuaol know what my plans are until just a few days out but if everything else you have planned fails I could be your lifeline to Augusta or Bangor or maybe to Millinocket if my plans go there.

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    You can take Concord Trailways bus lines from Portland to Bangor (same station as the train). If you go to this web site, you can get a hold of [email protected] mile wilderness. http://100milewilderness.info He runs shuttles from Bangor to Katahdin. He also has a deal where he can resupply you halfway through the 100 mile wilderness so you don't have to carry 10 days of food. I have been in contact with him regarding my 100 mile wilderness trip this summer. He has been quite helpful. Also, there is a bus line that runs from Bangor through (I think it is Medway) called Cyr bus lines. Phil can probably give you all that information. Best of luck.
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