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    Lightbulb Fenix PD32 (the best little flashlight i have ever owned)

    This little light is a beast! And for the price you can get them on Amazon i strongly urge anyone looking for a great EDC to look in to getting one. With a lumen range of 5, 70, 135, 340!!! Extremely wide/long throw, strobe and SOS features. Also available for this gem are picatinny rail mounts and a head lamp mount aswell. Lots of possibilites here

    Technical Specs

    Great combo pack (might be able to find a even better deal if you sift through amazon though. I found my combo for around 70)

    My first post btw. Hello all my fellow hiker trash!

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    what price?

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    Fenix flashlights are amazingly high quality. Something you seldom find in any product. Personally I have the TK35, 840 lumens. It is so bright you need sunglasses if the beam gets near you (no exaggeration). Far to heavy for backpacking but I'm sure the smaller ones are equally high quality.

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    By the way, the TK35 is $129 with the charger. You can find on their website.

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    Any way to attach this to a headband? I glanced quickly at the web site but did not see anything.

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