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    Last fall we did the AT from Amicalola Falls to Fontana. We then went back and did the BMT from the Falls to Twenty Mile. We just did the new extension from Tapoca to Walker Gap. That completes our "short" loop. Since we're not allowed in the Smokies that will have to do for now. We may head on up north of the Smokies this summer, we'll see.

    Yeah, I had a backpacking dog for 15 years and so we never ventured into the Smokies either. That's a wonderful dog you've got. I'm waiting for June to pull my next Yellow Creek Mountain trail hike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuddyWaters View Post
    Thats the worst food hang I can recall seeing!
    Whatever happened to Bearpaw? He used to post trip reports pretty regularly but haven't seen anything in a long time?

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    Okay, it's time to update my Faces Seen on the BMT thread---

    This would be Mother Teresa, Momma Goose and Jet Lag on the BMT near Hangover Mt in NC.

    Here is Sgt Rock and Hog on Ice on the new reroute of the BMT over Bob Bald.

    This is Hikerboy pulling his thruhike and we meet on Haoe Peak near Hangover Mt.

    Another thruhiker---named Way Finder---heading down to Cold Spring Gap.

    BMT backpackers Bob and Cathy above Big Fat Gap in Elysium Fields.

    I meet these BMT thruhikers on the Nichols Cove trail and heading to Yellowhammer Gap and Tapoco Lodge. They are Cruise Control and Roll Around.

    The first backpacker I see after 10 days on the trail is Josh, pulling a BMT section hike and coming off Hangover Mt.

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    Wrap it up with these recent BMT hikers---

    I run into Caribou pulling a January 2018 thruhike as he pulls thru Cold Spring Gap.

    Greenleaf and Apple Pie are pulling a cold thruhike and pass by my camp and tell me it's 10F.

    On my last trip I'm backpacking State Line Ridge between Sandy Gap and Sled Runner Gap and run into BMT thruhiker Tim aka Barnacle.

    Near Six Mile Gap on the BMT I run into these section hikers, Monarch and Food Bank.

    Finally, on Cantrell Mt I run into these 11 BMT section hikers pulling a 50 mile section from Mud Gap to Childers Creek---and all from a summer camp in Ohio.

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    and since the post before this last one is from Sgt. Rock-----where has he been lately?

    hope all is well with him...

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    Last I heard he remarried and spends alot of time riding his Harley . . . but I could be wrong.

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    Okay, I have a few more backpacking pics to add to my Faces On The BMT---

    This is Plug It In---I saw him just south of Cold Spring Gap and he's pulling 20-23 mile days.

    This is BMT section hiker Sean coming off Whiggs Meadow. I see him right after seeing Plug It In.

    The third BMT thruhiker I see (on the same day!) is U-Turn who's pulling the Pinhoti north from Alabama and hooking onto the BMT. This is also near Whiggs Meadow.

    And finally in May 2019 I see these BMT thruhikers---Root Boy and Fiddlehead.

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