I figured I'd start a thread on backpackers I have seen on the BMT since it was officially opened in the summer of 2005. I have those photos of the Mud Gap BMT Grand Opening too but I have to find them. Anyway, here are some of the folks I have seen in the last several years.

Feel free to add your own.

Here are some early thruhikers, Tulip and Silverwing. They just got lost on the unmarked (at the time) section where the Stiffknee trail meets Slickrock Creek and turned right instead of turning left (heading north).

In January 2008 I run into, who else? Sgt Rock on Whiggs Meadow.

In April 2008 I run into BMT backpackers Cuffs and Eman on Slickrock Creek.

Eman and Cuffs crossing the mighty Slickrock.

We part ways at the Stiffknee jct.

Trailworkers rank too and here is Two Speed, Jeffrey Hunter and Tom on Beaverdam Bald heading down to Sled Runner Gap to work on the Brookshire portion of the BMT.

Here are the boys in Sled Runner Gap---Generoll, Two Speed, Tom Waters and Jeffrey Hunter.

Jeffrey and Tom talk about camping on the Brookshire Creek trail/BMT at a midway campsite.

A crew from the GATC come in to hike the BMT Brookshire portion in September 2008.

The GATC crew climbing up the BMT on the Brookshire Creek trail.

Another shot of the GATC crew somewhere on the BMT near the Brookshire Creek crossing.