Hey all,

I'm planning my first overnight hike with my dog here in Maine. I'm hoping someone who knows the Maine section can advise me. I plan to go out for 2 nights and hike between 20-25 miles. I want to do a section of Maine that will be easy on the dog (Charlie) and me while we get used to hiking together. He's a year old, 45 pound mixed breed. Pretty well trained, but he'll be on the leash for this hike.

I was looking at the section from East Flagstaff Road to Caratunk. Not much climbing there, just a canoe ride at the end I believe.

Any other recommendations? Any sections of Maine you'd avoid? I'd like to avoid steep sections with rebar. I've been up Saddleback and I'm not sure I'd want him to do that. I hope to get out with him 4 or 5 times this summer.

I've done the last 60 miles of the 100 mile, so I'd prefer not to repeat that right now.

Any suggestions welcome.