Hey all! Pretty new to the site, but not new to the trail. Thanks for all the informative and interesting threads…you’ve been a great help to me!
Today I almost posted to the other trail magic thread that’s going on…but instead I thought I would take the time to personally thank each and every one of you that volunteers your time (and money) to helping maintain the trail that I love to walk so frequently.

IMHO, those volunteers provide some of the best “trail magic” out there – rarely getting recognition for it. For instance, I’m sure the thru-hikers of the past two years were very appreciative of the hard work that ATC’s Konnarock Crew put in down here in Georgia...building beautiful stone steps around Indian Grave Gap…to help make the trek safer for us all. Not sure if the majority of them stopped to consider that as “magic”, but I know I sure do! My club, the GATC, has some very generous volunteers that spend their weekends cleaning the trail of trash & blow downs, putting in water bars, cleaning shelters & privies,etc. I volunteer for maintenance as often as my schedule allows, but we have members who donate hundreds of hours of time each year to the trail…as I’m sure every other maintainer club does.

Being a new poster, I’m sure there have probably been previous threads to thank you maintainers and volunteers (a search couldn’t find much, though), but I know I would like to thank those of you here on WB that give of your time. You seem to rarely “toot your own horn” so to speak. So please feel free to post and let me (and others) know about your club and your work, so we can thank you again! It would be great to give you the recognition you deserve! Thank you again, WB!