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    Thumbs up Trail adopters and corridor monitors wanted!

    The Dartmouth Outing Club is looking for both trail adopters and corridor monitors.

    Trail adopters:
    This involves, optimally, 3 or 4 visits a year to clean waterbars, cut brush, and make sure blazes are fresh, neat, and accurate. It also involves a small amount of paperwork to let us know you're out there, and to let us know of trail problems we need to take care of. In exchange you get: a very fashionable and attractive orange trailworker T-shirt, a free WMNF parking pass, training, the use of any tools you need, regular newsletter updates on our trailwork community, and our UNDYING DEVOTION.

    If you want to be a trail adopter, contact me at julie.clemons(at)dartmouth.edu

    Corridor monitors:
    Corridor monitors patrol the boundaries of the "corridor" or the federally-owned strip of land the Trail runs in. The purpose is to keep the boundaries clear and watch for encroachments such as trash dumping, unauthorized logging, or ATV or mountain bike use. This involves map and compass (or GPS if you like) work to find the boundary markers, which I personally think is fun, kind of like a treasure hunt. Doing the whole corridor is a once-a-year thing whereas checking trailheads and gates is done more frequently depending on if there have been problems in that area or not. Benefits are as above.
    If you are interested in being a monitor, contact the monitor coordinator, Steve Paradis, at sparadis(at)alum.mit.edu

    It is helpful if you live within a reasonable driving distance of our section, Vermont Route 12 (Pomfret area) to NH Route 112 (North Woodstock area).

    We can also set you up with a partner for your section if you are not sure about taking on the commitment alone.


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    I split this off to give it its own thread. Good luck!
    SGT Rock

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