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    I think that is a good plan. If the fire closures are still in effect when you reach the San Juans, you can actually walk around the affected area on some very small and remote rural roads. This would involve following the La Garita Wilderness bicycle detour to where it hits Hwy 149 near Slumgullion Pass, then going a few miles north on 149, then hiking up and over Cinnamon Pass into Silverton. As a bonus, you can climb three 14'ers - Redcloud, Sunshine, and Handies. Once you reach Silverton you can get back on the trail and finish in Durango.
    Thanks for the info!!

    I don't have maps for anything but the CT but I suppose I can just pick up maps in whatever town I am in right?

    There is just no way that I can plan for all the possibilities... Got to just wing it.

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    The new CT Databook and the CT Mapbook show this route as far as Hwy 149. Cinnamon Pass turnoff is clearly marked. (Also goes to Lake San Cristobal)

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    Yep wing it. Little choice. I'm starting in a couple of weeks and will just see how it goes

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    I got this from a friend in Durango today;

    50 miles of Colorado Trail were closed yesterday afternoon in SW Colorado, including the Wemminuche Wilderness in same area (which might provide a means to bypass the closed area). The area affected is on both sides of Creede, I believe. I don't think the fire crossed the trail. I can't see any sign of that on the West Fork (including Papoose) Fire Map, so I expect the closure will be retracted sometime in July when the afternoon rains begin. If it does cross the trail, that section is likely to be closed all summer.

    The Papoose Fire is the fastest growing fire at this time but I just don't see how it can jump that wide valley. It has jumped several narrow ravines which is good to know. If you find yourself in the path of a fire (unlikely in August, one of our wettest months) head down hill and hunker on a north or northwest facing slope near the water. Those wet, protected areas tend to escape fire.


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    From The CTF Facebook page:


    CT Segs 1 & 2 now fully OPEN including Waterton Canyon and Trailhead. Recent closures now lifted.

    CT Seg 5 now fully OPEN. Small fire had closed part of 5 briefly but is now 100% contained and 'mop-up' fire crews are finishing their work.

    CLOSED ARE CT Segs 21-23 (entire segments) plus CT Seg 24 miles 0-6.4 (the part along the Divide). This closure is due to the "West Fork Complex" fires, currently 0% containment, and foreseen to continue burning for weeks or months. See "FIRE WALK-AROUND ROUTE" on this CTF Facebook Wall.

    CT Segments not listed above are OPEN.
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    Thanks Mags, that is good news for those of us starting soon.

    Looks like the begiinning of the trail will be as scheduled and also looks like there is some rain coming soon which is awesome!

    Who knows what the West Fork and Papoose fires will be doing by August...

    Unrelated concerning the trail show: A lightning safety segment would be awesome!!

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