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    Default MA parking question

    So I'm going on a quick little weekender and need some info on parking. I was originally planning on parking at Kellogg Road (I've parked there before down almost under the bridge without any issues not long ago), however due to someone dropping out I have to take my Z3 which I don't think it will make it down that dirt "road" due to low ground clearance. I was thinking of parking at either Sheffield-Egremont Road (Shay's Rebellion parking lot), but a friend thought that there was a sign there that says no overnight parking. Is this correct? If so I know I can park at Home Road, but Sheffield-Egremont would be a better spot.

    Thanks for you help!! Oh...anyone know if water is running at Wilcox N&S and Tom Leonard?

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    Personally I wouldn't park a Z3 at a trail head. Maybe rent a car for the weekend and use the rental instead?
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    Overnight parking is permitted at Shays. We have had no reported vandalism at this parking area and it's very visible from the road. A Z3 will very likely bottom out at Kellogg. It's been getting worse.

    Water is just starting to dry up at Wilcox North. No reports of water issues elsewhere in the area. Water for Tom Leonard is down the hill past the privy. Wilcox South is in a small pocket in the rocks on the blue blaze, or on the AT south of the blue blaze.


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    I think i agree with Symba I don't think i would park a Z3 at a trail head or try and take it down that dirt, rocky road but instead RENT a 4x4 take it down Kellogg or park it at Shay's ( their is overnight parking at Shay's ).

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