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    Default Accidental death on AT

    From Jan 6 2003 Morning Report from NPS:

    Appalachian National Scenic Trail (CT,GA,MA,MD,ME,NC,NH,NJ,NY,PA,TN,VA,VT,WV)
    Hiker Falls to Death from AT in Maine

    On January 2, Jeffrey Peet, 47, of Hampden, Maine, fell to his death while hiking along an icy section of the Appalachian Trail within Gulf Hagas, a rugged gorge that is part of and adjacent to the trail. Peet was hiking with his 24-year-old daughter when he slid off the trail and fell 100 feet. His daughter summoned help from a forester in the isolated area. The Main Warden Service conducted the difficult recovery operation utilizing military aircraft. The NPS has no personnel in Maine assigned to the trail and has an agreement with the Maine Warden Service to fund their search and rescue activities on NPS lands. The wardens described the roads and trails in the area as being covered with sheets of ice.
    [Submitted by Robert Gray, Park Ranger]

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    That sucks.

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    Default Appears to have occured OFF the AT

    Two links related to the very unfortunate death that appears to have occured OFF the AT:



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