Hope others are taking an hour or day to show kids what we do. I take a majority of my gear in to my Science classes and show what has changed, what I use, technology, etc. as well as letting some of the Title 1 kids see what is outside of their neighborhood.

I have a cast-iron cook set from the OLD Boy Scout days compared to a Ti set now, down bag vs. wool blankets, etc. for example.

I do want to thank a LOT of you who post videos, pictures, etc. that I show as I do this. The scenery, people, places, wildlife are eye-opening to a LOT of my kids, many of whom have never been to the beach that is about 15 miles away. Amplexus' "Half-Way There" is always a hit. They are shocked and amazed at the shorts. This from the guys who can't keep their pants up !!

If you didn't do it this year, please think about next year.