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    AZT section as preparation for PCT

    Thread Starter: Coffee

    I am planning to hike the Colorado Trail in summer 2014 but I have also been planning to spend a few weeks (up to a month) hiking in the spring (April

    Last Post By: hikeandbike5 Yesterday, 23:13 Go to last post

    Nutrition Question

    Thread Starter: GolfHiker

    We all do our best to eat well at home, but on the Trail it just can't happen ( as easily). Plenty of junk food, empty calories, all that. When you

    Last Post By: rocketsocks Yesterday, 23:08 Go to last post

    Holiday Tent specials TT or SMD?

    Thread Starter: FloydBanks

    Just wondering if there have typically been specials offered year end from either of these. Planning on making the purchase this year. Keep banging

    Last Post By: hikeandbike5 Yesterday, 22:57 Go to last post
    Mr Liberty

    World's Lightest Toothbrush (Carbon Fiber!)

    Thread Starter: Mr Liberty

    This full-sized toothbrush weighs at least one gram less than the lightest toothbrush I've ever seen (this one at ZPacks), and it cost me $0!

    Last Post By: Kaptainkriz Yesterday, 22:42 Go to last post

    Volunteer Work and the Generations

    Thread Starter: Skyline

    Whether it's trail maintenance, little league, boy scouts, food banks, or whatever there just aren't a sufficient number of younger folks to replace the

    Last Post By: shelterbuilder Yesterday, 22:33 Go to last post

    November hiking????

    Thread Starter: DavidNH

    It's mid or late November. The days are short with sunset near or before 5 pm. The skies are grey. it's breezy, the trees are bare, and temps are in 30's

    Last Post By: KY MISTWALKER Yesterday, 22:17 Go to last post