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    Different Socks

    Cat peed on my tent!

    Thread Starter: Different Socks

    The temps are barely above freezing outside during the day. Can I use a mild soup and water to wash it off and then spray with garden hose to let air

    Last Post By: Trailweaver Today, 02:04 Go to last post

    Neel Gap or Neels Gap

    Thread Starter: Abatis1948

    I have seen Neel Gap listed as either Neel Gap or Neels Gap on postings, maps, and hiking guides. So what is the historical correct name?

    Last Post By: Trailweaver Today, 01:47 Go to last post

    Holiday Sales - REI and elsewhere?

    Thread Starter: Coffee

    I've been waiting for REI's 20% off sale before purchasing a NeoAir but it seems like the current sale only applies to clothing and footwear. Does anyone

    Last Post By: fastfoxengineering Today, 01:17 Go to last post

    Toesocks, Who Wears 'em?

    Thread Starter: Chair-man

    When I first started doing my training hikes I was getting hot spots around my toes after several miles, especially between my big toe & the second

    Last Post By: CalebJ Today, 01:13 Go to last post

    Tent vs hammok vs lean-to

    Thread Starter: shaughnessey34

    I'm on the fence about if I would need my 4 pound tent vs a hammock i want to sleep comfortable and dry which is my biggest concern. Also considering

    Last Post By: fastfoxengineering Today, 01:08 Go to last post

    Would you carry micro-spikes?

    Thread Starter: wornoutboots

    I'm getting ready to go through the Shenandoah's in early to mid December, would you carry traction gear?

    Last Post By: Another Kevin Today, 01:04 Go to last post